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    Falls, frogs and fireflies in the Amazon

    Day 1 We set off at 7.30am after meeting Rinaldo, Josue and Charles. We left Manaus on a rough, dirt road thinking it was going to be a long 180km to the place where we would start our kayak trip. And then we turned on to a main road, just outside Manaus (after an hour) wondering where we had just been! We spent the next 2 hours driving on a beautifully sealed road and I was wondering just how many of these roads existed in the middle of the Amazon (and how much forest was destroyed for them).

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    Brazil is our first stop on our Americas adventure with our best friend Ben. Although we’re not covering a lot of ground in this massive country, we’re certainly experiencing the parts that we are!

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    Slovakia & Austria

    After just 11 hours in London, we were flying once again to Bratislava, Slovakia to see where my grandfather grew up. We landed early-ish Tuesday morning where we rented a car off a really nice guy (who spoke perfect English). We told him we were traveling to Kopernica to which he seemed baffled.

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    It all ends with South Africa

    So we cross the border from Namibia to South Africa and get bagged by the immigration official about the rugby. Initially I thought he was talking about the ashes and given we were touring with far too many poms, I was trying desperately to ignore the issue. But getting beaten by SA in rugby, that’s something I can handle 🙂

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    Our first encounter in Namibia was driving through a park and seeing a hippo run for the cover of the water! Hippos are not normally out during the day and it looked like he had been caught naked! We’d not seen a hippo that close in daylight out of the water before, so it was both awesome and funny 🙂

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    Mo Wha??

    Mo what you say? Mohawk that is… and a mo-ustache. Kim has got himself a new look this trip – only because he doesn’t have to face any clients (or prospective employers) for the next 5 months!

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    Wednesday morning arrived and we were off with our new tour group to Botswana. We arrived at the ferry crossing fairly early and were soon arriving at our destination, Kasane.

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    Crossing the Zambian border, once again we noticed straight away how different the houses were. It’s quite amazing how these countries are separated by an imaginary line but that line speaks volumes as to the differences in the way of life of the inhabitants.

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    An early start (5am departure) and we were off for a 12 hour drive to Malawi. The scenery is gorgeous in this area of the country and we found ourselves drawn to watch the land go by.