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    When bad luck and good fortune become an adventure…

    There is never a dull moment when traveling with us. Ask the few brave ones that have tried it and they will always tell you a few stories of when things really didn’t go right. We always laugh about it in the end and always say its part of the adventure but boy they can be very stressful! Miami was no different but this time we were driving on the opposite side of the road and using a scooter that can barely make it over 55km per hour.

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    Sometimes you get the feeling someone is trying to give you a hint. Well I got the hint. My inlaws are trying very hard to try make me look like a fool in public. Sphering – To roll down a hill in a hamster blow up ball for fun. Sphering (Kim’s defintion) – To try and prevent oneself from vomiting in the ball and rolling in it.

  • General

    Conquering the Wedgie

    Everyone who knows me understands that I have a fear of heights. The first time I that needed 3 pairs of jocks was on my 20th birthday, when my “friends” thought it would be a great present to get me a sky diving jump. Again, the ones close to me always know how to make me smile. ‘Go Ape’ is an adventure that is supposed to be fun and different. A HUGE WEDGIE later, I am still deciding if jumping off a tree top and checking if I damaged my crown jewels was fun.

  • Fun & Funnies

    Sick of scrubbing?

    Since moving to London it seems nearly impossible to escape the constant scrubbing of lime scale. The hard water here makes cleaning a real B****. With new chrome fittings in the bathroom it has turned out to be a real nightmare/obsession of a job. After trying 4 different lime scale destroying products but after 30 minutes with each and very little results I was about to give up. Being male, classically known as being lazy, I am proud to say that my laziness and ability to search Google efficiently has proven to be very successful in not only saving a lot of sore arms, but my new lime scale “destroyer”…

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    Tube dust changes you…

    Since living here in London I have noticed that somethings that used to be weird about this place is starting to become “normal”. It is related to the fine black dust that you see on everything on the underground. It changes you…

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    Tube + Mobile phones = Heaven

    How many times have you sat on public transport after a long day at work and heard a whole life story of someone on their mobile phone? Are you sick to death of people talking SO loud on their mobile phones on the train? Yes? Then move to London. Because the most of their train system is underground, there is no mobile phone range… for the moment. It’s great!

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    No more potatoes in any form…

    Everyone knows about my obsession with food. If there is something new to taste and eat – I am in. In my new quest to eat the local food of our holiday destination, my first stop is Ireland. I do like eating potatoes but the Irish take it to another level. A level I must say has made me a little sick of potatoes.