Iguacu / Iguazu / Iguassu

iguazuWe took a red eye flight to Iguaçu Falls via Sao Paulo and we slept every possible minute we could. We had 2 hours between flights and I found myself a very comfy couch to weave myself through and got a solid few hours sleep.

We arrived at Foz do Iguaçu (as it’s spelt on the Brazilian side) and waited for a bus. It was quite a sight to see all 3 of us struggle past the payment barrier with our huge packs – or so the locals at the back of the bus thought anyway! We arrived at the main bus terminal and found our hostel without too many dramas. The hostel was neat, clean and a comfy bed that we were craving after our overnight flight. So we settled in and ended up napping for about 3 hours!

After we woke, we figured we really should get a move on and go out to see the falls. So we headed for a bus. After searching what seemed to be the whole town for a damn ATM without luck, we got to the bus terminal only to be chased by a policeman who didn’t speak English. I was starving, so I let Ben try deal with him while I bought something to eat. Turns out we bypassed the ticket booth for the buses. Oops. So we eventually pay for a ticket and get on and about 40 minutes later we arrived at the falls.

By this stage it’s pretty late and the park was due to close in a few hours, so we bypassed the museum part and jumped straight on a bus that took us up to the falls. We got off the bus where everyone else seemed to be getting off and found ourselves dumbfounded by these amazing falls! They were stunning and we could only see a small part of them at this point! We walked the long path up to the Devil’s Throat seeing the most amazing views of these huge falls!

The local touts must have thought we were crazy for turning down their $4 ponchos because we walked out into a walkway that takes you into the middle of the Devil’s throat where you get absolutely drenched!! We later found out that the water levels were THREE times their normal height! So it was a pretty unique and spectacular experience!

So after spending a while there and checking out the furry locals, we headed back in the bus to the entrance where we caught a bus back into town.

Given it was my birthday, it was my pick for dinner and I chose a sushi place we passed on the way out. It was gorgeously decorated and I chose the seats on the floor. A great meal and wine later, we walked back to the hostel for a good nights rest.

toucanNext day we were up early to go out to the bird park. I was hoping for a huge open aviary, but instead it was many smaller ones. But there was a good cause behind it – a breeding program for endangered birds and reptiles. We got up close to many of them, including Toucans and Macaws, as we walked through aviaries. The Toucans were so friendly and also such calm creatures. They would sit in the same spot for ages, just taking in what was going on around them.

macawThe funniest sight to see was a curious Macaw who liked to sit on anyone or thing (including Kim) to check out what was going on. He and the girl who supervised had a love-hate relationship and it was funny to watch her yell at him in Portuguese to stop scratching her!!! Between this and the other screeching, swooping Macaws, we were thoroughly entertained!

We headed back to town for lunch where we found what we now refer to as a ‘Meat Place’. It was a cross between smorgies and yum cha… And everything was great until they brought out turkeys testicles. Hmm.

So we then picked up our stuff and walked all over town to catch a bus to Argentina. The bus left us at the Brazilian exit border to get stamped, and then we caught the next bus into Argentina. It was a strange relief to be in a Spanish speaking country!!

We desperately wanted to wash the Amazon smell out of our clothes, so we made a beeline to the nearest laundry where a guy was obviously sick of English speaking tourists trying to communicate with him because he had a translation sign behind him where he could just point!

butterflyThe next day we got up early to visit the falls. I had read about a walking trail that leads to a hidden fall. So we started off with that and we saw woodpeckers, hawks, furry rodents, lizards, butterflies and massive ants. Oh and the waterfall was beautiful too!

We then walked both the lower and upper trails of the falls where parts were closed because the water was too high! The sound was deafening in parts – but so spectacular! We then took a train to the very top where you could walk out on a really long (seemingly never ending) catwalk to view the Devils Throat from the top… breathtaking. We got a tad wet from the spray too!

That night we asked our laundry guy for a pizza recommendation and he pointed us 2 shops down where we had a pretty good pizza after playing cards.

Just before we took off for the airport, we asked our cab driver to take us to see the 3 frontiers where you can see Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay from the one point and also where two rivers join into one.

On the way to the airport, it suddenly dawns on us that our iPods are missing. We had ‘misplaced’ some new havaianas and a t-shirt, but now we were realising that there were quite a few items missing. We were getting a bit annoyed about it now and could only trace it back to when we were on the Amazon and our bags were left with their staff. We thought maybe a cleaner had helped themselves or something.

Anyway, we emailed them and they were good about it, offered to reimburse us and everything. And then they found one iPod, headphones and some cash in a bag stashed somewhere! It’s kind of horrible to know someone has been all through your stuff! And they were picky about it too – only taking bits so it didn’t look obvious.

So anyway, next stop… Buenos Aires!!

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