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    Falls, frogs and fireflies in the Amazon

    Day 1 We set off at 7.30am after meeting Rinaldo, Josue and Charles. We left Manaus on a rough, dirt road thinking it was going to be a long 180km to the place where we would start our kayak trip. And then we turned on to a main road, just outside Manaus (after an hour) wondering where we had just been! We spent the next 2 hours driving on a beautifully sealed road and I was wondering just how many of these roads existed in the middle of the Amazon (and how much forest was destroyed for them).

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    Brazil is our first stop on our Americas adventure with our best friend Ben. Although we’re not covering a lot of ground in this massive country, we’re certainly experiencing the parts that we are!

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    Slovakia & Austria

    After just 11 hours in London, we were flying once again to Bratislava, Slovakia to see where my grandfather grew up. We landed early-ish Tuesday morning where we rented a car off a really nice guy (who spoke perfect English). We told him we were traveling to Kopernica to which he seemed baffled.

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    It all ends with South Africa

    So we cross the border from Namibia to South Africa and get bagged by the immigration official about the rugby. Initially I thought he was talking about the ashes and given we were touring with far too many poms, I was trying desperately to ignore the issue. But getting beaten by SA in rugby, that’s something I can handle 🙂

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    Our first encounter in Namibia was driving through a park and seeing a hippo run for the cover of the water! Hippos are not normally out during the day and it looked like he had been caught naked! We’d not seen a hippo that close in daylight out of the water before, so it was both awesome and funny 🙂

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    Mo Wha??

    Mo what you say? Mohawk that is… and a mo-ustache. Kim has got himself a new look this trip – only because he doesn’t have to face any clients (or prospective employers) for the next 5 months!