• Travel

    Austria at last!

    At last we got to meet the Kuttner family in Austria! We spent a long weekend in this beautiful country and want to visit again next year – for longer next time! It was so wonderful to finally meet the family, they were so warm and welcoming and made us feel like a part of the family from the minute we arrived! Fritz said Kim and I had a problem with our diet though – we drink water and not beer 🙂

  • General

    Time flies

    So, just another update on the daily happenings around our neck of the woods. We’ve been here for just over 8 months now and we’re well and truly into the swing of ‘English’ life. Most people would say that the cultures are similar, but as someone said to me the other day, it’s quite odd how they’re not. Sure, you don’t have a language barrier (well, that’s debatable), but there are quite a few differences in lifestyle. For example, it’s (almost) unheard of to play sport after work. Gym – yes. Sport? Isn’t that what Aussies and Saffa’s do?

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    Photo’s Updated

    Josh’s album has been updated with Chrissy and his 2nd birthday for anyone who hasn’t had enough of him. Is that even possible?! We’ve also updated with all our latest travels, Chinese New Year and Regina’s going away party 🙂