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All our friends are getting married!

Sommer's WeddingAs most of you probably know, I was never a big person for weddings. That was, of course, until I got married myself! Now I am completely obsessed – I love going to weddings, seeing photos of weddings and have asked Kim countless times to come with me to wedding expos – since our wedding 🙂

But the best part about weddings is, of course, seeing your friends and family tie the knot.

So far, we’ve missed 4 weddings because we’re over here in London. Kate and Steve’s in Thailand, Jac and De Gene’s in Melbourne, Laura and Mark’s surprise wedding and just this last weekend, my high school friend, Sommer married Alistair – with whom I went to primary school with! And I tell ya what, now I’m feeling homesick!

I’ve been lucky enough to see all the gorgeous photo’s of the big day’s (yet to see more of Sommer’s though!) and our beautiful JoJo even sent us the dvd video she made of Kate and Steve’s in Thailand. We watched it on Friday night and, little surprise, I was in tears! But it’s the wedding’s of our mates that I’m missing almost as much as the friends and family themselves. Such awesome days in their lives and we’re freezing our butts off over here in London missing out!

Yeah, I know it sounds silly as we have Europe at our doorstep and there is much travel to be done. I just wish it was a tad closer to home so we could nick off home for the weekend to celebrate with them 🙂 Ahh, one day there’ll be a flight that will take an hour to get from London to Melbourne and all will be good in the world! Except maybe the environment!

But all is not lost, we are making it home for Beck & Andrew’s and Hamish & Violeta’s weddings soon. And I can certainly tell you I’m counting down the days!


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