Porto, PortugalWe spent a beautiful weekend in Porto, Portugal and lapped up the sun and extended daylight! We used to always think the Pomms were crazy wearing t-shirts when it hit 12 degrees… until we did the exact same thing along the river bank in Porto!

Yeah, yeah, mock us all you like… it was hot ok! Probably not as hot as in Melbourne over the last month or so, but the middle of winter in London is damn chilly!

We set off for Porto on February 1st only to have our flight delayed. We finally arrived in Porto at 11.30pm only to miss a train and wait until 12.10am! And me, being a little more disorganised than usual, thought I could pick up a map when we got there and navigate to the hotel. Fast approaching 1am and I had little idea where I’d taken us, with a travel sick husband, I was kind of stressing when we finally got to the door of the hotel and noone was answering. Finally someone heard the calls, let us in and we crashed on the 12th floor of this so-called 4 star hotel!

The next day was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! After having breaky on the top floor with the most divine view, we set off to see the town, the local market, patisseries, the riviera district, the trams and walked our feet off silly! The gorgeous architecture all over the city and the stunning weather and relaxed atmosphere was fantastic! We had a lazy afternoon just sight seeing and soaking up the rays 🙂

Exhausted, we had a nana nap then off to find somewhere for dinner. Woke up the next day only to find the weather was less than impressive. From the 12th floor, you hear every inch of wind there is to hear and the rain pelting at the window. Not impressed. But given Saturday was so lovely, we really couldn’t expect much more! We had a bit of a shop, another look around and a nice long coffee after getting stuck in the rain and then headed for the airport for the trip home.

A lovely and relaxing weekend, we got home in one piece and faced the joy of another week at work.

Short but sweet entry this time… Berlin is next for Easter!

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