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Sick of scrubbing?

Cleaning bottleSince moving to London it seems nearly impossible to escape the constant scrubbing of lime scale. The hard water here makes cleaning a real B****. With new chrome fittings in the bathroom it has turned out to be a real nightmare/obsession of a job. After trying 4 different lime scale destroying products but after 30 minutes with each and very little results I was about to give up.

Being male, classically known as being lazy, I am proud to say that my laziness and ability to search Google efficiently has proven to be very successful in not only saving a lot of sore arms, but my new lime scale “destroyer” is much much cheaper than any cleaning product. So Google here I come – no more elbow grease.

After a quick Google search I found the solution to my tennis elbow. But to my surprise it wasn’t some super strong chemical but an everyday kitchen product. This product is great with fish and chips. Yes, you guessed it, tomato sauce. It’s great with fish and chips. But to remove lime scale it’s not so great. Vinegar is the lime scale “destroyer” and even after reading the scientific reasons why it works so well I was still a sceptic.

One night while making Vietnamese nuoc mam (dipping fish sauce) I used one of the key ingredients, vinegar, in a bathroom experiment. After giving the chrome fittings a splash of vinegar and letting it sit for a few minutes, the nightmare of removing lime scale was a thing of the past. You would never believe that not one leading name bathroom cleaner could remove lime scale as effortlessly as ordinary vinegar.
The once-little bottle of vinegar has now been replaced with a much larger bottle and the lime scale has not had a chance since.


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