• Wedding Stuff

    All our friends are getting married!

    As most of you probably know, I was never a big person for weddings. That was, of course, until I got married myself! Now I am completely obsessed – I love going to weddings, seeing photos of weddings and have asked Kim countless times to come with me to wedding expos – since our wedding 🙂 But the best part about weddings is, of course, seeing your friends and family tie the knot.

  • Travel


    We spent a beautiful weekend in Porto, Portugal and lapped up the sun and extended daylight! We used to always think the Pomms were crazy wearing t-shirts when it hit 12 degrees… until we did the exact same thing along the river bank in Porto! Yeah, yeah, mock us all you like… it was hot ok! Probably not as hot as in Melbourne over the last month or so, but the middle of winter in London is damn chilly!

  • Fun & Funnies

    Sick of scrubbing?

    Since moving to London it seems nearly impossible to escape the constant scrubbing of lime scale. The hard water here makes cleaning a real B****. With new chrome fittings in the bathroom it has turned out to be a real nightmare/obsession of a job. After trying 4 different lime scale destroying products but after 30 minutes with each and very little results I was about to give up. Being male, classically known as being lazy, I am proud to say that my laziness and ability to search Google efficiently has proven to be very successful in not only saving a lot of sore arms, but my new lime scale “destroyer”…