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    Oxford in the fog!

    We went away this weekend to Oxford. Although we’re sure there is plenty to do there other than check out the many many colleges and uni’s, the highlight for us was the Boost Juice Bar we found in a shopping mall – all the way from Australia! Needless to say, we had a few during our stay 🙂 It felt like we were at home! *sigh* the things you miss while away from home…

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    A huge congratulations to THE brainiac… Vi Anh earned herself a WHOPPING 98.2 ENTER score!  Well done kiddo, you might be crazy, but you’re still intelligent 🙂  Enjoy the celebrations and the benefits that your endless hardwork will deliver.  If anyone deserves it, you do!  Now you can get your head out of your books and party!!  Congratulations!!!

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    Now a Resident!

    Well after a lot of research, paper work, stress and waiting, we finally have our passports back and Kim is now a resident! Glad that I put in the many hours of research, we now have the ability to travel Europe which is, of course, one of the reasons we are over here. It was so hard to hear all our friends off and travelling every other weekend or planning a trip at the last minute. Now we can finally join in!  

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    A wee trip to Scotland

    Who goes to Scotland in Winter, you might ask? A couple of Aussies who have no passports and a week of holidays to use before December, that’s who! We made our way to Scotland by train for a week of climate conditioning, which ended up making London seem quite toasty 🙂