• Travel

    Hill Skills

    For our birthday weekend, we decided to do something different and challenging. We just didn’t think that would consist of an 18 mile walk. But walk we did in the Peaks district near Sheffield in England. We walked til we literally dropped, and then walked some more!

  • General

    Tube + Mobile phones = Heaven

    How many times have you sat on public transport after a long day at work and heard a whole life story of someone on their mobile phone? Are you sick to death of people talking SO loud on their mobile phones on the train? Yes? Then move to London. Because the most of their train system is underground, there is no mobile phone range… for the moment. It’s great!

  • General

    Bumblebees are cool

    Very cool. And I have grown quite an obsession with the furry fuzzy little things. The are just so cute that you wish they’d grow a little more (like they’re not big enough already) just so you can cuddle them and pat them 🙂