• Travel

    Reality finally sinks in

    It’s a touch over 2 weeks before we depart the country on one-way tickets. And it’s starting to finally sink in! As excited as we are, we’ve both had a few jitters and questioned why on earth we are leaving perfectly good jobs, a newly renovated unit and (what we consider) a great life here in Melbourne! We’re on an emotional roller coaster ride!!

  • General

    Is it too dangerous to be a good samaritan?

    Has it become too dangerous to help out someone in need? We have all been in that situation where we ummmm and ahhhhh about it as we look and watch a broken down car sitting on the side of the road. The days of leaving your doors unlocked are long gone, but yet, there are a few people still holding onto the “honest” society. With the recent shootings in Melbourne, it is hard to determine if his efforts helping that person in need were a heroic act or a sad tragedy…

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    We’re not crazy!!

    Ok, so this is a subject of a relatively serious nature, and I dont expect most to read it (and I’ve been umming and ahhing about putting it up on here), but I also believe it’s an important one. And if I can make just one other woman aware, it will be more than worth any criticism I get about putting it up here. It’s about birth control and depression – so if you’re not interested, dont click on 🙂