• Fun & Funnies

    Best first or Best last?

    Its been a long day and you come home to a beautiful dinner. It smells divine and looks great. You are so hungry you can’t wait to start. Just as you pick up your eating utensils you are hit with the big question of the night. Is it best first or best last?

  • General

    Backyard Bliss

    It’s almost over!  The renovation is almost at the finish line!  Many thanks to Hamish (who spent half a week at our house) and Chris who helped Kim re-lay the whole backyard.  All weekend and every night this week has been spent on the project to get the backyard looking spick and span with the cobble stones.  It’s the last “big” task to be done to the house.  Now we can hand it over to renters to destroy…  Anyone need to rent a 2 bedroom unit?!

  • General,  Travel

    What are YOU doing to help?

    Today I received an email from STA travel about “Carbon Offsets” where for just $8 (domestic) or $20 (international), you can “offset” your flight’s carbon emissions.  What a fantastic idea!  There are so many people who are cautious about carbon emissions, yet still want to travel the globe. Then we feel guilty about wanting to do both.

  • Wedding Stuff

    Hen Pecked

    I’m now officially a hen – no longer a spring chicken! Thanks to my absolutely fantastic bridesmaids, I had an AWESOME night! They went to one hell of a massive effort to make my night so much fun and I can’t thank Angelina (MRS organised aka the teacher), Laura (the water giver-er – thanks for not letting me get sick and keeping my glass full) and Rachael (THE most strongest person alive – you’re absolutely amazing)… I’m yet to see a photo – and at this stage, I’m a little worried. Maybe that’s because my auntie only has photos of the “light entertainment”.