• Travel

    Flight tips

    I read an article (www.theage.com “Good wing tips”) on some flight tips that I thought would be good to share. From sleeping in airports to the do’s and don’ts on a plane it is the little things we sometimes forget in the busy rush for holidays.

  • Wedding Stuff

    Why did I look like a fat Giraffe?

    Hiring a suit for my wedding I thought was much like buying a suit at a shop, but boy was I wrong. Looking like a fat giraffe on my wedding day was not the look I was looking for but with the wrong suit/shirt/tie combination I could only hope the photographer was a pro with Photoshop editing. So what did I learn on my suit hiring excursion with Ben?

  • Travel

    To Gore-Tex or not to Gore-Tex?

    On the weekend Phillipa and I set out to buy our wet climate jackets for our adventure around Europe. After talking to other travelers the words “Freezing” and “F#$%@ cold” came up a lot which brought back some fond memories of New York. Phillipa and I experienced extremely cold weather in NY (wind chill of -30) the parkers we got (Mountain Design) didn’t do as well as we had hoped. The parkers were warm enough for most of the trip but when the constant rain fell we found that our jackets were starting to get heavy and very wet. We found that drying the jackets took too long and we…

  • Travel

    What we need to bring on our Europe backpacking adventure

    After asking different people who have backpacked before what to they thought was important to bring I have come up with this list. Rock climbing clips – To clip wet cloths to back pack to dry (while walking) Safty pin – Always handy in emergency Leather man – What else would you need (remember not to leave in carry on luggage unless you want a five finger search) Pillow case and sheets – To use in hostels Thongs – To wear and to use in public showers (You don’t want fungus feet during you trip) Power board – To charge all your devices at once and only needing power converter…

  • Travel

    Travel tips for visiting the US

    I loved the USA and would love to go back. Cheap and nasty food, the food was all wrong in so many ways, but so yummy! We had highlights every day, it was amazing! When you think the today was the best day another one just tops its the next day. Watching the New York Knicks play the Chicago Bulls at Maddison Square Gardens was definitely the highlight of the trip for me though. Something I’d only ever dreamed of being a keen follower of the NBA! After travelling the US I have come up with some tips for future travellers.

  • General

    Our 1st blog

    Ok, so we’re getting organised and finally got around to putting a blog up. We’re busy organising our huge trip, our wedding and we’re still renovating the bathroom! Oh and we’re training for our black belt in taekwondo too (yay)! We’ve got a whopping 3 and a half months to get all this stuff finished, so it’s gonna be a race to the finish line we think. Nevermind. If anyone has any tips/hints/time (jk) about any of our ventures, let us know!